“Inspiring”: public thanked by nurses and midwives for support on pickets
The INMO today (Friday) thanked local businesses and the public for their kind support of nurses and midwives on the picket lines on Wednesday.
Those on pickets received hot drinks from local coffee shops, hot food from local takeaways, sandwiches from pubs and cafés, donuts from prison officers and supplies from firefighters.
INMO President and Sligo-based nurse Martina Harkin-Kelly said: 
“We have been heartened and humbled by the support for our nurses and midwives on strike. Going on strike – especially in sub-zero temperatures – is not an easy decision. Knowing that the public overwhelmingly have our backs means the world to us. We have also had over 60,000 people in the past 10 days sign the INMO’s petition standing with nurses and midwives. Public opinion is firmly on the side of Ireland’s nurses and midwives. It’s time for the government to take heed.”
Amy Nugent, the manager of Mr Waffles café in Galway brought coffee and pastries to striking nurses and midwives. She said:
“We support the nurses. Fair play to them. It was absolutely freezing on Wednesday – of course we’d help. We brought over flasks of hot coffee and delivered pastries every day.  “It was the least we could do for our wonderful nurses.”
Grace O’Malley, a member of the public, brought coffees to striking nurses in Loughlinstown:
“I picked up 10 coffees in the petrol station. When I told them who the coffees were for, they gave me some free cupcakes for the strikers. As I arrived, another person was dropping over five large pizzas. I hope the midwives and nurses know that we 100% support them.”
Tina from Harkin’s Bar on Dublin’s Echlin Street arrived at the picket at St James’ Hospital with fresh food said:
“We’re here to support all the lovely nurses and midwives. We’ve brought a few sandwiches and soup to support you on this cold day”.

Examples of tweets showing public support on pickets:

1. Connolly Hospital - Dublin Fire Brigade - https://twitter.com/katie_deegan_/status/1090570258468007936  
2. Tallaght Pharmacy Techs - https://twitter.com/FrancosBruvva/status/1090756018404016131 
3. Mater – Fire Brigade -  https://twitter.com/Adam_Higgins27/status/1090563119024406530 
4. Tallaght – CWU - https://twitter.com/StevePitman9/status/1090596174271258625 
5. Cork University Maternity Hospital – local businesses https://twitter.com/NaomiODonovan/status/1090929006499819520 
6. Temple Street – neighbours and locals https://twitter.com/katie_deegan_/status/1090570258468007936
7. St. Vincent’s Anaesthesia Docs - https://twitter.com/Rose_Kearsley/status/1090548142897012736
8. Galway – Mr. Waffles - https://twitter.com/JulieMaher77/status/1090580328979279872 
9. Portlaoise – local businesses https://twitter.com/JoannaRea/status/1090585433698906112
10. Cork – 4 Star Pizza https://twitter.com/Orla_Lola/status/1090651872929767430 
11. St. Vincent’s Hospital – Just Eat.ie https://twitter.com/JustEatIE/status/1090646548189466630 
12. Cooked sausages -  https://twitter.com/NursepollyRgn/status/1090562975763714048 
13. St. John’s Limerick – Prison Officers - https://twitter.com/eoghanlavin/status/1090616533125074944 
14. Connolly Hospital – public https://twitter.com/Meabhyk/status/1090663781292802049 
15. Rotunda – M&S https://twitter.com/NursepollyRgn/status/1090576638461526016 
16. St. James’s Hospital – Mannings https://twitter.com/Adam_Higgins27/status/1090576578415902728 
17. Mater Hospital – McGowans https://twitter.com/VonnyR7/status/1090662652576219139 
18. Beaumont – PNA - https://twitter.com/momowynnec/status/1090618721276706816 
19. Meabh Keeley – Beaumont – Beaumont House https://twitter.com/Meabhyk/status/1090664395267588096 
20. Kate Lyons – CUH – Lulus Coffee  https://twitter.com/doodadayo/status/1090727776498475009

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