Members Update - 27.08.19


Dear Member, 

This week, the HSE has issued the circular instructing payroll departments to allow staff and senior staff nurses and midwives increase their pay by moving to the “enhanced” salary scale.

The INMO is encouraging all eligible staff nurses and midwives to join this new, higher salary scale.

Salary increases

By moving to the new scale, staff nurses and midwives reaching or above the 4th point of the salary scale, will get higher pay every year throughout their career. In addition to the normal increment, this will be worth between €732 and €3,635 every year (depending on your point on the scale) and worth a minimum of €1,500 a year at the maximum of the scale.

On top of all this, the 1.75% pay increase, due under the public service pay agreement will apply to the scales from 1st September

For example, this would see a current senior staff nurse go from €47,898 to €49,471 by moving the new scale, and then up to €50,337 from 1st September due to the 1.75% increase – a total increase of €2,439 a year.

This enhanced scale also has eight points, rather than twelve, meaning you get to the max salary sooner.  These increases apply from any increment date you have after the 1st of March 2019. Even if this increment date has already passed, you are eligible to access the salary scale from that date and your payment will therefore include retrospective back pay to the date of your increment.

From November, nurses and midwives with 17 years’ experience will be eligible for the senior salary – instead of the current 20 years.

The increases also apply to your premium pay, such as out-of-hours and weekend pay. You can see what this increase means to you here.

New contract

To access this new salary scale, your employer will make available a simple verification form, which will be approved by your Director of Nursing/Midwifery. You will then be asked to sign a new contract. The contract is largely the same in effect as the existing staff nurse/midwife one, consistent with the information sent to you during the balloting process.

A full comparison and breakdown of that contract is available here.

Please contact the INMO via your assigned Industrial Relations Officer if you have any further queries in relation to this. We will also be meeting with the Directors of Nursing/Midwifery in relation to a speedy implementation of this contract.

Further measures

The enhanced salary scale is a key element in the implementation of the strike settlement. The employer will also issue further circulars implementing allowance increases and extensions.  Members should note that all allowance increases will be backdated to March 1st, 2019 and retrospective back pay will be made to all those eligible.

We have held several meetings with the employers over the past weeks to expedite the circulars and ensure that they accurately reflect the Labour Court Recommendations. Further circulars relating to nurses and midwives on points 1-4, and those in RNID grades due to be re-graded to CNM1s, are to issue by end of this week. We will update you as soon as we have received same.

The strike settlement also included an expert review, which will focus on pay for management grades. Terms of reference for this group are being discussed and the employers are also consulting with SIPTU and the PNA.

The review is to be concluded by the beginning of May 2020, and a commencement date is expected to allow a six-month working period.

We’ll continue working and applying pressure to get this deal fully implemented and we will also update you separately before the end of the week in relation to our continued campaign to overturn the HSE recruitment ban.

Is Mise,

Phil Ní Sheaghdha
General Secretary 

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