Web Members Update 11.10.19


Website update for members. 

Dear Colleagues,

This is a brief update on a number of the strike settlement issues pay scales, senior staff nurse/midwife, the expert group, and allowances.

1. New salary scale

Payroll departments are now rolling out the new, higher-paid enhanced practice salary scale for staff nurses and midwives. Any staff nurse or midwife with over 1 year and 16 weeks’ experience is eligible.

We advise members to now contact their HR/payroll department to access this new scale.  HR departments have been issued with a relevant form by the HSE and if your increment date came after 1 March 2019, you are now eligible to access this grade from the date of your increment.

If you have any questions on the Enhanced Practice Contract please contact us directly. We are also organising information sessions via your local representatives where we will be happy to clarify and address any queries you may have. It is important that you have the correct advice to ensure you get your full entitlements. 

2. Senior Staff Grade

From November, any nurse or midwife with 17 years’ worldwide experience (or more) can qualify for the senior grade. This, combined with the enhanced practice scale, means a basic pay increase for staff nurses or midwives of either €1,601 or €3,836.

As the Senior staff/midwife process is not automatic you must apply now with evidence of your service we encourage all eligible nurses and midwives to do so immediately. Contact your HR/payroll department and, should you have any difficulty, contact the INMO for assistance.

3. Expert review of the professions

Terms of reference and parties to conduct this review, which will focus on pay for management grades, are now under discussion. The completion date of May 2020 has been reaffirmed and members’ involvement in this process will be set out separately to you in future updates.

4. Allowances

a) Existing location and qualification allowances are being increased by 20%. This increase should be appearing on your payslips now and will be backdated to 1 March 2019. This will be applied automatically but contact your payroll department or the INMO if you have any difficulties.

b) Location allowances are being rolled out to maternity services, which will see nurses and midwives up to CNM2 earning an extra €2,230 a year. PHNs not currently receiving an allowance will also benefit.

Because these new allowances are backdated to March 1st, you can also expect a once-off additional payment of over €1,300. This will be applied automatically but contact your payroll department or the INMO if you have any difficulties.

c) The HSE has been counting the number of staff who will benefit from new allowances in acute medical and surgical wards. This process has been unduly lengthy however, we are advised that it has been completed today (Friday). Again, all payments of the allowance will be backdated to 1st March which will result in a once-off additional payment of over €1,300 and an on-going pensionable allowance of €2,230. 

We are currently preparing detailed frequently asked questions documents which we will send to members to set out new salary scales and benefits, indicate the back pay you should see in your pay slip and answer the common questions members are asking us about the new contract. 

It is important to clarify that this new contract will not change your employment status, restart your probation period or negatively impact your current pension entitlements. There is some misinformation circulating about this and it is important that you get the correct information. 

Updates will issue again next week, thank you for your attention to this note, 

Le meas, 

Phil Ní Sheaghdha
General Secretary 

11th October 2019




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