Hospital Overcrowding in Galway a cause of concern – INMO

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation have called for electives to be rescheduled at Galway University Hospital.
This comes as over 70 patients are without a bed in the hospital, the highest level of overcrowding in the hospital since 2019.
INMO Industrial Relations Officer, Anne Burke said:
“Nurses and midwives in Galway University Hospital are under severe pressure due to short staffing and COVID infection levels. 
“As well as high levels of overcrowding in the hospital, yesterday 48 patients in the hospital were COVID positive. 
“Many beds are currently closed in University Hospital Galway today because of the impact COVID is having on the operations of the hospital. Each department and ward is under significant pressure with nurses being redeployed at a significant rate. 
“Hospital management need to cancel all non-urgent elective procedures at the hospital. Safe patient care must be a priority.
“This level of overcrowding in Galway and indeed across the country in the middle of July is not normal and should not be treated as such. Hospital management and the HSE need to take short, medium and long-term action.” 


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