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From the President - On the ground with the president

Turn Off the Red Light campaign
The INMO hosted a coffee morning and information meeting on behalf of the Trade Union Movement, which outlined the progress to date on the ‘Turn Off the Red Light’ campaign to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland by criminalising the purchase of sex.

The recent success of the campaign, following the report on the legislation on prostitution in Ireland by the Justice Committee, which recommended that a law should be introduced in Ireland, criminalising people who pay for sex through prostitution, is a great achievement. However, there are a few more hurdles to overcome. We must now use our energy, and our influence as trade unionists, to ensure that this legislation is enacted.

At the recent information meeting, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy and Jerry O’Connor, Immigrant Council of Ireland, both gave short presentations encouraging members to continue the campaign. The INMO’s involvement in this campaign’ began when Sr Stan Kennedy gave the keynote address at the INMO Annual Delegate Conference in Kilkenny, and received a standing ovation from over 350 nurses and midwives, who steadfastly endorsed her position on prostitution and trafficking. The conference adopted a motion of support for the campaign and called for the introduction of legislation to prosecute the buyer of sex.

I would like to acknowledge the fact that the INMO campaign has been driven from the beginning by Clare Treacy, INMO director of social policy, regulation and recruitment. I would like to thank her for her time and effort in this campaign.

As a union that is dominated by women, we are proud to support this campaign, and will continue our efforts to ensure that legislation is passed. For further information, log on to www.turnofftheredlight.ie

Pictured (l-r): Claire Mahon, INMO president; Sr Stanislaus; and Clare Treacy, INMO director of social policy, regulation and recruitment

Global solidarity
I attended a two-day Global Solidarity Summer School in August, accompanied by INMO Executive Council member, Eileen Kelly. The opening address was given by Joe Costello, Minister of State for Trade and Employment, who spoke about Ireland’s new policy ‘One World, One Future’, which has at its core, the INMO’s commitment to human rights, equality, decent work and the rights of marginalised people.

Also at the Summer School was Rula Al-Saffar, who spoke about repression and lack of human rights in Bahrain. Rula, who held the presidency of the Society of Nursing and was an assistant professor at the College of Health Science in Manama, was convicted in a military trial on a slew of charges including incitement to overthrow the Bahraini government. According to Rula, the only thing she was guilty of was providing medical attention to pro-democracy protesters injured by Bahraini riot police. Her conviction was overturned and she gave a very interesting account of her time in detention and her ongoing fight for human rights.

Human rights entitlements, medical neutrality and the ethical responsibility of healthcare professionals must take precedence over political issues in times of conflict. It is hoped that a UN resolution will be passed on medical neutrality, whereby no one should ever be prosecuted for giving medical attention. Rula has promised to send an update for WIN in the coming months.

Culture Fest
In August I attended a very colourful and successful Culture Fest at the Good Counsel GAA clubhouse in Drimnagh in Dublin.

The event was organised by the INMO’s International Nurses and Midwives Section. Nurses, midwives and their families all enjoyed foods from across the world and a brilliant entertainment programme. Attendees at the event were from India, the Philippines, Nigeria, Eastern Europe and Ireland.

Branches and sections
Now that the INMO branches and sections are becoming active again for the winter, I would encourage members to attend local meetings to receive up to date information on national issues.

I thank all our officers for their dedication and hard work and look forward to seeing them at the special delegate conference this month.

I have visited many branches over the past 12 months and plan to visit many more. Please let me know when your meetings are on and I will make every effort to attend.

Get in touch
You can contact me at the INMO headquarters at Tel: 01 6640 600, through the president’s corner on www.inmo.ie or by email to: president@inmo.ie

From the President - On the ground with the president


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