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Library - A look at the literature

Aileen Rohan from the INMO library team reviews current literature relating to the field of nursing and midwifery

In this month’s library article we highlight literature by Irish authors that has been published in recent months. We also outline the latest reports pertaining to healthcare in Ireland, as well as reports and guidelines from other countries.

Due to the vast amount of information published each day, it is impossible to include everything in this article. However, there are a number of ways in which you can check for updated literature via www.nurse2nurse.ie (N2N).

You can also follow us on Facebook (Nurse2Nurse/INMOLibrary) and from the N2N homepage you can subscribe to the N2N News RSS feed, which is updated on a regular basis. Alternatively, click the link ‘Irish Research’ where you will find journal articles published by Irish nurses and midwives. You can also choose to browse through the N2N Directory to view regular updates on a wide of range topics.

You may opt to let the library staff assist you with searching. The library’s literature searching service is available for a fee of €6 and can be useful if you are having difficulty finding relevant articles or if you don’t have time to complete a search.

Irish authors

Intellectual disability
Dunworth Fitzgerald M, Sweeney, J. Care of adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities. Learning Disability Practice; 2013; 16(8): 32-8

McNelis M. Women’s experiences of care during labour in a midwifery-led unit in the Republic of Ireland. British Journal of Midwifery; 2013; 21(9): 622-31

Clinical nurse specialists
Wickham S. What are the roles of clinical nurse and midwife specialists? British Journal of Nursing; 2013; 22 (15): 867-75

Patton D et al. Individual-level outcomes from a national clinical leadership development programme. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession; 2013; 45(1): 56-63

Hyde N et al. COPD in primary care settings in Ireland: stories from usual care. British Journal of Community Nursing; 2013; 18(6): 275-82

Irish reports and guidance

Health services
Health Service Executive. Health Service National Service Plan for 2014

This National Ser vice Plan 2014 (NSP2014) is the annual plan presented by the directorate of the health service. It sets out the type and volume of services, as required under legislation, which will be provided within the funding by the government.

Department of Health. eHealth Strategy for Ireland, Dublin; 2013

The purpose of this document is to provide an outline of eHealth and demonstrate how the individual citizen, the Irish healthcare delivery system, both public and private, and the economy as a whole will benefit from eHealth.

It shows how the proper introduction and utilisation of eHealth will ensure the patient is placed at the centre of the healthcare delivery system and becomes an empowered participant in the provision and pursuit of their health and wellbeing.

Health promotion
Department of Health. Healthy Ireland, Dublin; 2013

Healthy Ireland is a new national framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Ireland over the coming generation. It is a collective response to the risks that threaten our health and the country’s economic recovery. It sets out four central goals for improved health and outlines clear routes and strategies to achieve these goals. All people and sections of society can participate in these strategies.

Public attitudes to nurses and midwives
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. Survey Into Public Attitudes To Nurses And Midwives; 2013

In the first research of its kind in Ireland, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) commissioned Amárach Research to conduct a survey of 1,001 members of the general public to identify public perception of nurses and midwives.

International research of interest

Post Francis Report publications
Unison and the Francis Report Recommendation and The NHS post Francis: a Unison Report. Both are published by Unison, the major health service union in the UK.

All of the titles mentioned above are available online via N2N (www.Nurse2Nurse.ie)

You can conduct a search on the website using the subtitles listed above, or carry out an advanced search using the relevant literature or report title.

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