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News Update No. : 5th January 2015
Ballot Result And Next Steps
Attention Emergency Department Members - Ballot Result And Next Steps
Dear Colleague,
This is a note to formally advise you that, following the recent national ballot, our members, in Emergency Departments, have rejected the WRC proposals by a margin of 58% No to 42% Yes.
The INMO Executive Council met, in special session, this afternoon to review the situation, following this democratic decision, and has decided the following;
- A national meeting of our ED Strike Committees and Representatives has now been convened, for 12 noon on this Thursday 07th January, in INMO Head Office to review and determine next steps; and 
- The Organisation will now prepare for the first day of strike action, involving two hour rolling work stoppages, in seven Emergency Departments, across the country, which will take place on Thursday 14th January.  
In reviewing the ballot decision, and the feedback from meetings held in recent weeks, it is clearly apparent that members have no confidence in their senior management to deliver the necessary changes to ensure safe patient care and a safe working environment.  This lack of confidence was proven to be correct in the light of the crises, in recent days, which, once again, saw over 550 patients, admitted for care, on trolleys in Emergency Departments across the country.
Further notices will issue, to members, following the National Meeting of ED Strike Committees and Representatives, on Thursday, and please watch out for same before the end of the week.
Thank you for your attention to this note. 
Yours sincerely 
General Secretary 
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