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News Update No. 19 : 10th March 2016
Following ED Meeting 9th March 2016

INMO Emergency Department Members

Dear Colleagues,

I refer to my previous updates and, specifically, the ongoing work in relation to implementing the ED agreement accepted last month.

As previously notified we held a further meeting, of ED Representatives from across the country, here, in INMO Head Office, yesterday (Wednesday, 9th March 2016).

In order to keep you fully informed, of developments, I now wish to advise you of the following matters arising from yesterday’s meeting:

1.    Implementation of Measures at National Level
Ms. Phil Ni Sheaghdha, INMO Director of Industrial Relations, made a detailed presentation, to the meeting, outlining the current situation in relation to a number of important issues within the agreement.

Ms. Ni Sheaghdha’s PowerPoint is here. As there have been a number of important developments I would ask you to study this presentation.

2.    Feedback from Representatives

The meeting heard reports, from representatives, from a number of Emergency Departments, in which they outlined any difficulties that they were having particularly with the implementation of the new Escalation Policy.

The meeting was advised of a number of issues including:

  • a continued lack of knowledge, and awareness, of the agreement, and specifically the requirements within the Escalation Policy, within some management teams;
  • the attempts, by some management, to cancel the required  weekly hospital meetings;
  • the failure of management to respond, consistently, to the triggers, within the Escalation Policy, leading to avoidable overcrowding;
  • a lack of engagement from some consultants, which was resulting in further delays, and the absence of senior clinical decision makers at required times;
  • the failure to cancel, when overcrowding is evident, elective admissions thus exacerbating the existing situation; and
  • the failure of management, generally, to ensure agreed and/or required staffing levels were maintained within Emergency Departments.

3.    Next Steps - Review of Agreement by the Workplace Relations Commission

As also previously advised, and as explicitly provided for under the agreement the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has convened a meeting of all parties (INMO/HSE/Department of Health), to review the implementation of the agreement, on next Monday, 14th March 2016, at 11.00 a.m.    Members of the Emergency Department Representative Committee, established at our previous meetings, will attend this meeting, next Monday, in the WRC.

At this meeting the INMO will raise all of the foregoing issues brought forward, at yesterday’s meeting of representatives, demanding that all management implement all aspects of the agreement on a 24/7 basis.  In addition we will also review the implementation of all issues, requiring national level action, and as detailed in Phil Ni Sheaghdha’s presentation.  A further update will issue, to members, following Monday’s engagement under the WRC.

4.    INMO Emergency Department Nurses Professional Section
At yesterday’s meeting it was also agreed to re-establish the INMO Emergency Department Nurses Professional Section.  This is the structure, within the INMO, that facilitates all ED nurse members coming together, on a regular basis, to discuss all matters of concern including industrial relations, staffing, professional development and further education initiatives.

At yesterday’s meeting Officers were selected and they are as follows:

Chairperson:        Bernadette Stenson (St Vincent’s Hospital)
Vice-Chairperson:    Noreen Leahy (Mayo General Hospital)
Secretary:        Mary Dunne (Waterford University Hospital)
Education Officer:    Emma Murphy (Mercy University Hospital)

It was also agreed that the Emergency Department Nurses Section will, as provided under rule, have two delegates attending the forthcoming annual delegate conference, in Killarney, on 4th - 6th May 2016.  The Section will also be putting forward, following agreement with the officers, the following motion:

"Conference demands an immediate joint review, involving the INMO and HSE, of all hospital wards/units, to ensure all admitted patients are in an appropriate bed space, with curtains, oxygen, suction, etc., in a ward that has the appropriate, agreed, number of qualified staff to ensure patient care and dignity and manageable workloads."


It is obvious that we continue to face ongoing challenges in relation to ensuring management implement, in full and on a continuous basis, the recent ED Agreement.  In particular members at yesterday’s meeting highlighted the continuing staff shortages, in departments, which is compounding the situation leading to intolerable workloads and the compromising of care.  

In fairness other hospital representatives reported that the situation had improved, in their departments, which, in turn, has resulted in an improved practice environment for staff.

We will bring all of these issues to the meeting, next Monday, clearly demanding that the HSE, at national, group and individual hospital level, implement the agreement and comply with their obligations.

Thank you for your attention to this note and please watch out for a further update early next week.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary


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