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The Professional Development Centre is committed to providing high quality, relevant and up-to-date programmes for Irish nurses and midwives.

For further information contact: INMO Professional Development Centre, Whitworth Building,North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7. Tel: 01 664 0641/2; Email:

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All courses listed are held in the Professional Development Centre, INMO, North Brunswick Street,Dublin 7. Courses are limited to 15 participants and under (except in exceptional circumstances.

Practice and Principles of Infection Prevention and Control
This study day aims to provide staff from clinical areas with best practice guidelines on infection prevention and control. It focuses on standard precautions, transmission-based precautions and provides practical hand hygiene sessions using UV Light Box. It explores all current concerns in the area of infectious diseases. It is underpinned by current research and legislation.

Date: Feb 22, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Assertion Training – The Eight Step Approach
To Healthy Self-Assertion Learning to be assertive is an important part of self-development and can help replace passivity and dependent behaviours with behaviours that will increase personal effectiveness in all areas of life. Assertion training can help people to gain greater selfconfidence and control over their lives. This course is designed to help people to discover what they want in life and then how to generate their own solutions to achieve what they want.

Date: April 16, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Assessment and Care Planning for Older People in Residential Care
This workshop is aimed at providing nurses working in this sector with the most up-to-date information regarding policy and standards in older person care and will focus on the need for comprehensive assessment, including risk assessment and care planning for older people in residential care settings.

Date: March 14, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Assessment and Management of the Diabetic Foot – Short Wound Care Course
This module aims to broaden participants’ knowledge and understanding of the assessment and management of diabetic foot complications and associated diseases, and to evaluate strategies to promote effective inter-professional collaborative working for patients with diabetic foot complications. Participants will have knowledge of the:

Date: Mar 12, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Assessment and Management of the Patient with Respiratory Conditions
This one-day programme is aimed at nurses managing adult patients with respiratory disorders. It is designed to update and enhance their knowledge and increase their confidence when nursing this group of patients. The content includes knowledge and skills on key nursing priorities.

Date: March 7, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Best Practice in Medication Management
This study day provides participants with an overview of the main issues associated with medication errors and near misses and explores evidence-based approaches to promote and implement safe medication practice. It helps participants to understand the 'risk management' approach to safe medication management practice in an organisation. It is underpinned by legislation and by An Bord Altranais guidelines.

Date: Feb 28, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Care in the Last Days of Life – Mind, Body, Spirit
This one-day course will aid participants in providing 'total care' to the dying patient and to significant others. While meticulous physical care and control of symptoms is paramount, the day will also focus on communicating effectively with all concerned, thereby providing whole-person end-of-life care.

Date: Feb 14, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Healthcare Provider CPR & AED Course – The New 2010 Guidelines
This one-day course is the newly released 2010 American Heart Association’s (AHA) guidelines for CPR and ECC for healthcare providers. The changes from the A-B-C Sequence to the C-A-B Sequence, and the rationale behind it, are explained in detail while providing the maximum time for each participant to gain the skills of resuscitation. The content of this course includes: adult, child and infant CPR; bag and mask ventilation; foreign body airway obstruction; use of the AED for adult and child. Before the course you will receive the new 2010 BLS for Healthcare Providers textbook. The course is limited to six participants per instructor. A fee of €50 will be charged if you wish to cancel your booking 10 days before the course begins.

Date: March 21, 2013.
Registration: 9.00am.
Time: 9.15am-4.00pm.
Fee: €145 members; €195 non-members (including cost of book and light lunch)

Interview Skills
This one-day new training course focuses on increasing the confidence and effectiveness of participants in a selection interview situation. The aim of this course is to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence of the delegates concerned in the very important process of recruitment and selection interviewing.

Date: Mar 15, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Introduction to Clinical Audit
The aim of this one-day workshop is to introduce participants to the theory and practical application of clinical audit in Irish healthcare. It is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to implement clinical audit in their practice and be able to deliver evidence of improved performance for safer and better care for patients. It also gives participants the tools to demonstrate a baseline of performance and how to monitor quality improvement over time and introduce quality control in the current and future regulatory environment.

Date: Mar 6, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Legal Issues and Safe Practice
The following legal workshops will be facilitated by Olwyn McWeeney, MG BCH BAO LLB, Lecturer in Health, Barrister at Law, and will focus on the following areas:

Date: Feb 27, 2013 (INMO Professional Development Centre), 9.30am-12.30pm or 1.00pm-4.00pm;
April 17, 2013 (South Court Hotel, Limerick), 2.15pm-5.15pm
Fee: INMO members FREE; €75 non-members €

PLACES MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE by contacting Helen on 01 664 0616 or Email:

For further information see our website

Introduction to Dementia Care
This one-day programme is designed to enhance the healthcare practitioner's knowledge, strategies and skills that will improve quality of life for clients with dementia in their care. This interactive day, inclusive of case studies, dvd analysis and group work, aims to enhance participants’ knowledge while providing practical strategies in promoting a ersoncentred approach to caring for a person with dementia. Topics include: introduction to dementia, recognising the impact of environment on a person with dementia, identifying and responding to changes in behaviour creatively within your setting. The impact and progression of dementia relating to the person, their families and healthcare workers will be outlined in tandem with strategies to enhance quality of life for the team in your setting.

Date: April 17 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Introduction to Palliative Care
This one-day course will introduce participants to the basic concepts of palliative care – caring for people suffering from a terminal illness and, of course, their significant others. Nursing care will focus on physical, psychosocial and philosophical aspects of palliative care. Specifically the ethos of palliative care, symptom control and psychological care will be examined.

Date: March 28, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

INMO Safe Practice Campaign
The Professional Development Centre is providing a nationwide series of workshops in workplaces and venues across the country. The aim of these workshops is to advise INMO members on key areas of practice such as clinical risk, report writing and statement writing, documentation and professional misconduct complaints to An Bord Altranais. Feedback so far has been excellent. Comments from those who attended included: “it was excellent, very informative and relevant”; “I feel it should be mandatory for every nurse/midwife to attend.”

Dates: Feb 5, INMO Headquarters; Feb 19, Clonskeagh Hospital, Dublin; Feb 20, St Vincent’s Hospital, Athy; Feb 26, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Dublin; March 1, Kerry General Hospital

More dates and venues are available on our website

For further information call 01 664 0641/16 Fee: INMO members Free; €75 non-members.

Leg Ulcer Study Day
This workshop will enable practitioners to explore and analyse current theories and practice in relation to patients with leg ulcers. Topics include:

Date: Mar 7, 2012.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Management of Patient with Tracheostomy
This one-day interactive workshop will provide the participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to assess, manage and evaluate the nursing care of a patient with a tracheostomy.

Date: Feb 7, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Medication Management in Diabetes
This study day centres on two workshops, one focused on medication management in type 2 diabetes and the other on type 1 diabetes. Both workshops will look at the principles of safe and effective medicines management within clinical practice, as well as building on participants' previous knowledge and understanding of pharmacology. Other issues that will be covered on the day are the evidence base for medication management in diabetes, legal and professional frameworks, accountability, patient-centred care, self-management and concurrence.

Date: Feb 20, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management
The aim of this workshop is to enable the practitioner to analyse their current practice and identify knowledge, strategies and skills that will improve outcome and quality of care in relation to patients with, or at risk of, pressure ulceration. The objectives of the course are to:

Date: Feb 18, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Recognising Pregnancy Complications
Pregnancy-related complications can range anywhere from mild to moderate to life-threatening problems. The midwife’s role has always been paramount in recognising early signs which can easily be missed in busy antenatal clinics and wards. This one-day workshop will prepare midwives to listen to women’s concerns with a special focus on recognising those warning signs. This workshop is of extra benefit to new entrants to the midwifery profession. Some of the topics covered on the day will include:

Date: April 17, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Wound Care Management
This one-day workshop will cover all aspects of wound management including the physiology, assessment, cleansing and management of wounds.

Date: April 11, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Nursing the Cardiac Patient
This one-day workshop is aimed at enhancing general nurses' knowledge of management of the cardiac patient. Topics covered in this one-day workshop include cardiac anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular assessment, cardiac tests, medications, chest pain and heart failure.

Registration: 9.00am.
Time: 9.30am-4.00pm
Date: Feb 25, 2013.
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

ECG Interpretation
This one-day workshop is aimed at enhancing general nurses' knowledge of cardiac electrophysiology. It will provide participants with knowledge of cardiac rhythms, rhythm analysis and ECG interpretation (It is advisable to do the workshop on Feb 25, 2013, Nursing The Cardiac Patient also).

Date: Feb 26, 2013. Time: 9.30am-4.00pm
Fee: €80 members; €140 non-members

Early Warning Score and Associated Education Programme
The INMO has agreed with the HSE to hold 20 workshops on behalf of the HSE Nursing Services Unit over the next 10 months to update nurses and teach them how to use the early warning scoring system. This Train the Trainer education programme recommended by the HSE is the COMPASS programme.

Further information is available on

To book a place contact: 01 664 0642 or Email:

Venue: Professional Development Centre, INMO

Dates: Feb 11, Mar 1, 2013. More dates available on

Venue and times of workshops: Unless otherwise stated, courses listed are held at the Professional Development Centre. In order to better facilitate people attending workshops in the PDC, registration for most full-day workshops will take place at 9.45am and the courses will commence at 10.00am. Cancellation policy: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, a facilitator/trainer may be replaced by another suitably qualified person. Cancellation of any course must be given in writing at least seven days before the course begins. Fee will be refunded minus an administration charge. If a person cancels in less than seven days, no refund will be given. Receipts will be issued a week prior to course start date.

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