ADC: Green light for emergency motion

Nurses and midwives unanimously agreed to take strike action with other unions if the government tries to impose further pay cuts on them at the annual delegate conference of the INMO in Letterkenny last month.

The emergency motion noted the “continuing threat from government to cut the pay of nurses, midwives and other public servants, for a third time, and to worsen other longstanding terms and conditions, of employment”.

It acknowledged :

Moira Craig, INMO Executive Council member, from the North Dublin branch, proposed the motion. She said: “We are not pawns to be shoved about on the government’s chessboard. We are working in the most abysmal of circumstances. We are short-staffed everyday under pressure, under resourced and under valued, and now they want us to accept less pay. Delegates, we have said ‘no’ and no means no.”

“We are not pawns to be shoved about on the government’s chessboard,” said Moira Craig, INMO Executive Council member

She continued: “We embrace change. We are willing to change, we have changed and we want to change, so bring on the LRC and we are ready. But make no mistakes, we have reached the Rubicon. We have taken the cuts, we have taken the taxes, and we have taken the cutbacks.

“We are at the brink and if we are pushed past the brink we must be ready, and I know we are ready. For once the Rubicon is crossed, there is no going back.

Ms Craig concluded: “Colleagues, I don’t want a war, and I certainly don’t need a war, but I am ready, you are ready, we are ready.”

On passing the motion, the Organisation was mandated to continue to explore alternatives to the rejected Croke Park II proposals with the Labour Relations Commission.

In addition, if the government seeks to impose pay cuts, or reductions in other terms and conditions of members’ employment (through legislation or other means), the INMO has been mandated to commence a nationwide workplace ballot of all members. This ballot will seek a mandate for industrial action, up to and including, the withdrawal of labour as part of a public sector- wide campaign of action.

The INMO will also actively participate in other forms of protest action, which may be agreed with other public service unions as required, in pursuance of the maintenance of the existing income and terms and conditions of employment of members.

ADC: Green light for emergency motion


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