Finance - Money Matters - Save money on your car and stay safe this autumn

Your questions answered by Ivan Ahern

As we settle into autumn, we’ve pulled together some tips and advice that will help to keep you safe on the roads, while also saving you money.

Weekly basic car maintenance1
Taking 20 minutes each week to look over your car can help to avoid major car trouble in the long-term. This will help to save you money as well as keeping you and your family safe. It doesn’t cost you a great amount of time or money, but these regular checks will ensure that your car is geared up for the week ahead and any long haul trips you may have to take.

Save money on fuel2
Shop around for fuel! The price differences between petrol station fuel prices can be quite significant, often as much as five cent per litre.

Avoiding rush hour traffic can help to reduce the amount of fuel your car uses while you are stuck in traffic. Plan an alternative route or if possible leave earlier to avoid traffic jams.

How you drive can impact your fuel consumption – the harder you brake and accelerate, the more fuel your car consumes. Reducing your speed can help to cut down on costs. For example, cutting your speed from 110kph to around 80kph, will use about 25% less petrol.

Travel light – remove heavy items such as golf clubs, roof racks and bike racks, which can weigh down your car and increase fuel consumption.

Plan your journey
Take the time to plan your journey before you set off and give yourself some extra time to allow for any unforeseen delays which you may encounter. This will reduce your risk of speeding and keep you and your passengers safe.

When planning a long journey, factor in time to stop off for some light refreshments and a stretch break.

What to do if you break down on a motorway1

Your car safety checklist1
It is advised that motorists carry a number of essentials in the boot of their car:

Know your car insurance benefits
Check your car insurance policy document and know your benefits. If you have 24-hour breakdown assist and windscreen cover keep the helpline numbers and details in your phone or in your glove compartment. In 2012, over 7,000 of our customers countrywide who encountered motor difficulties availed of our breakdown assist service.3 Many of these customers were members of the Nurses’ Car Insurance Scheme. INMO members can get preferential rates through this scheme.

For further details and benefits please contact us. Tel: 01 4708042. Ivan Ahern is the director of Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd


  3. mapfre asistencia

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Finance - Money Matters - Save money on your car and stay safe this


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