Year of the Rep initiative

INMO’s €50 recruitment and retention initiative

At a time when the moratorium continues to negatively impact employment opportunities, INMO membership is still valued and seen as essential to working nurses and midwives throughout Ireland. The Organisation continues to be a strong and relevant voice for the profession locally, regionally and nationally.

The INMO represents four out of every five nurses and midwives in Ireland and offers membership to undergraduate nurses and midwives. In these difficult times, with staffing levels decimated and resources continuing to be in short supply, the support, guidance and assistance offered by the Organisation is invaluable.

Recognising that the local union representative/ activist is the most successful in approaching and encouraging new and existing colleagues to join the INMO, the Organisation launched the Year of the Rep - Recruit 3 and receive €50 initiative at the annual delegate conference, 2013. A €50 gift has subsequently been awarded to many members.

“This has been a successful initiative and we look forward to many more members/ activists following up with their work colleagues and encouraging them to join. They will subsequently receive this gift upon recruiting three new members into the INMO. In addition to this, they the recruiter, along with those who have been recruited, will be entered into a draw to win a prize of €1,000”, commented Mary Power, INMO development officer.

Member Caroline Gourley was recently successful under the initiative. The INMO now represents all but one of Caroline’s colleagues in Belvilla Community Unit, Dublin.

East Coast Branch Member Diana Malata is also a recipient of the “Recruit 3” initiative and also won the €1,000 prize in May, 2013.

"I attended a Rep Training event in Head Office recently where we received, in particular, an uplifting recruitment and retention talk. I redoubled my efforts and was successful in recruiting three new members. Only one colleague left to recruit at work now!"

Caroline Gourley

"All nurses in the Operating Department where I work are in the INMO. However, after attending the Recruitment and Retention Training in Head Office, I went around the different areas of the Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin to clarify people’s membership status and I was surprised that there were still a few nurses who weren’t in a union.

“At the time, the Haddington Road Campaign was at its height and was a main factor for the new recruits’ decision to join, as it provided them with an opportunity to have their voice and opinions heard. They also felt that the INMO would give them ongoing protection as professionals. “

Diana Malata

Year of the Rep initiative

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