PDC focus - Maintaining your competence

The INMO has launched a new suite of continuing professional development education programmes for members

The Professional Development Centre is focused on empowering nurses and midwives to achieve their full potential as key contributors to the health services in Ireland. This is rooted in a positive culture of transparency, accountability and partnership. It is also based on an understanding of the essence of nursing and midwifer y as caring professions, that are per son- cent red, relationship-based, holistic and promoting positive health that is under - pinned by evidence - based care.

The INMO Professional Development Centre offers a wide variety of outstanding meeting and education options for nurses and midwives, in a range of geographical areas, with face-to-face workshops, seminars, master classes, conferences with online research and reading options. Our contemporary, clinically relevant courses assist nurses and midwives to consolidate foundation knowledge, update their professional and specialty knowledge and contribute to life-long learning within the profession.

Nurses and midwives work in extremely complex environments, with high levels of patient and client dependency and acuity. With rapid developments in technical knowledge and skills, shifting care models, evolving team structures and regulatory changes, the manner in which healthcare is delivered will continue to evolve. Changes in legislation as well as policy developments will continue to have an effect on the way that nursing and midwifery are practised.

The INMO Professional Development Centre believes that every nurse and midwife should have the opportunity and be supported to avail of continuing professional development (CPD), maintain and enhance their competence and develop their professional career. CPD and lifelong learning have become cornerstones of nursing and midwifery professional practice.

CPD refers to any activity that contributes to professional development as a nurse or midwife. The Nurses and Midwives Act, 2011, Part 11, places responsibilities on registrants, the Board and employers in relation to the maintenance of professional competence. CPD will form part of the professional competence schemes. The Nursing and Midwifery Board has not yet announced the schemes, therefore we cannot preempt the requirements of the Board to maintain competence or what constitutes CPD.

The Centre’s flexible, affordable nursing and midwifery continuing education programmes cover such topics as academic writing and research appraisal, competency-based interview skills, care planning, medication management, management of patients with tracheostomy, nursing and midwifery documentation, preparing for HIQA inspections, recognising pregnancy complications, wound care management and many more.

The INMO’s newly published Education and Continuing Professional Development Directory for Nurses and Midwives - Maintaining Your Competency; Maintaining Your Registration, developed by the Professional Development Centre, provides a sample of more than 50 education programmes with Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland Category 1 Approval awarded with Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Each education programme is colour coded representing the number of CEUs for ease of reference.

In addition, each education programme is presented with an overview, outline of the day, aims and objectives in addition to a sample reading list. Our continuing education programmes cater for all nurses and midwives, in every stage of their career. All education programmes are developed with expert facilitators, ensuring that participants engage in current evidence-based practices with a career focus, assuring a valuable experience.

The career and personal development of a nurse or midwife does not occur in isolation. There are many influences, challenges and opportunities which affect nurse or midwife decision-making in relation to career choice, personal development and professional growth. There is constant interaction between CPD, maintaining competence and the delivery of safe high-quality care which is underpinned by continued growth and personal and professional development of the individual.

Nurses and midwives more than ever need to be engaged in CPD to maintain and develop their competence on an ongoing basis. The INMO Professional Development Centre is committed to supporting nurses and midwives to determine their professional requirements in order to deliver effective clinical outcomes for patients and clients.

New website
The new INMO Professional website, https://inmoprofessional.ie, provides a one-stop-shop to customised, quality education programmes and research services that are tailored to meet your educational requirements. It provides a facility to maintain your professional profile, supporting you to demonstrate evidence of your ongoing learning with your CEUs accumulated automatically and certificates uploaded on completion. You can browse the programme content and there is a secure booking system, with discounts for booking online.

CPD Calendar
The INMO also has a new calendar of events Continuing Professional Development Your Summer/Autumn Calendar 2014, which provides a list of more than 50 education programmes and conferences up to November 2014. Details of date, event, venue and cost, all with CEUs, are included.

Both publications are available at https://inmoprofessional.ie or by email to: pdc@inmoprofessional.ie.

The INMO Professional Development. Centre – Caring for your career.

- Elizabeth Adams,
INMO director of professional development

PDC focus - Maintaining your competence

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