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INMO Position Statement Delegation

Tackling problem debt, together

Are you struggling with debts? Part paying your bills? Avoiding direct debit? Missing payments? If so, you may be insolvent , Insolvency Service of Ireland can help.

Universal Health Insurance

INMO Submission as part of public consultation on Gov White Paper...

Saving You Money

See how your Membership with INMO saves you money...


Most Popular

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Psychological Effects of Covid

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Lets Talk about it

a mental health collective for INMO members

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Statement of Concern Forms

This form is an essential Disclaimer/Statement of Concern

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Enhanced Practice Contract Explainer

Enhanced Practice Contract

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Recruitment & Pay Campaign

All updates, latest news

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Coroners Inquest

role of the coroner, the inquest process,

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Restoration of Time plus One-Sixth Premium Payment

Nurses/Midwives in Acute Hospitals

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Q & A on Transfer of Tasks

Frequently Asked Questions (LRA)

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Sick Leave

Revised Arrangements Pregnancy Related Sick Leave

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Code of Advice

Be Safe from Bullying

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Salary Scales

Latest Salary information

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Recruit a Friend

Recruit a friend we will give you €20

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Injury @ Work

Q & A relating to Injury at Work

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