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Newsletter for all RNID Members. 24.09.15

Dear Colleague,

I refer to my previous note confirming the commencement, by the INMO, of a Campaign for Excellence in the Intellectual Disability Sector.  I just wish to confirm, at this stage, the following;

The ‘Campaign of Excellence’ campaign was launched, last Tuesday the 15th September, with a Press Conference. Some webcasts, re the press launch, can be accessed on the INMO’s website .

Short Policy Booklet - Role of the RNID

The Officers of the RNID Section have now completed a short policy booklet detailing the role of the RNID in all stages of the life of the person with an Intellectual Disability. This booklet can be downloaded here, and hard copies can be obtained, from my office, if you require same.

The Officers of the section are asking every member to do the following;

  • Download a copy of this booklet and familiarise yourself with the way in which we have summarised the pivotal/central role of the RNID in all services;
  • If you wish we can supply A5 copies, of the booklet, and we would encourage you to hand them out to family and friends, of your clients, to ensure that they are familiar with the role of the RNID; and
  • If possible give a copy of the booklet to local public representatives, and your management, to allow them also familiarise themselves with the potential of the RNID in all stages of life. 
Meeting with Minister

We will shortly be meeting with the Minister for Disability, Ms Kathleen Lynch TD, in the coming weeks and we will present this booklet, to her, also for her information and attention.  We will also be asking, the Minister, to clearly articulate policy, on behalf of the department, which recognises the central role, of the RNID, as a specialist in Intellectual Disability.  

Dáil Protest

As you may have seen or heard, through the media, the RNID section also held a protest, outside the Dáil, yesterday to again highlight the campaign and, in particular, the following;

The need to reverse the damaging cuts done, in recent years, to the ID sector and to restore safe staffing levels; and  

In restoring the safe staffing levels to fully utilise the RNID as the specialist in Intellectual Disability.

I wish to thank all of the members who attended, the protest yesterday, and who agreed to engage, with a number of TDs/Senators, to explain the reasons for the campaign and the need to ensure, in the budget, that increased funding is provided.  

Following on from this protest we will now be arranging for meetings, at local level, with public representatives (TDs/Senators) to again emphasise the twin objectives, of the campaign, and seek their support ahead of the budget and, in particular, as we go towards the next general election. 

In addition to all of this members are again advised that the organisation will fully support them, in any local employment situation, where they believe action should be taken to highlight inadequate staffing and services.  

Please contact your local Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) so that can we begin/continue the process of engaging with members, at local level, and take whatever action they believe necessary to highlight current shortcomings in services. 

Finally the Section would encourage you to advise all of your colleague nurses, who may not be INMO members, to join us and participate in this campaign. The only way that we will ensure the full, proper and required utilisation, of the RNID, is if we become much more assertive and explain what it is you do and how you can improve the service if empowered to do so.  

Further updates will issue, in due course, and thank you for your attention to this note.  

Yours sincerely, 

Liam Doran
General Secretary


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