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Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Nursing Students are needed in Africa, Asia & the Americas


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These are volunteer opportunities.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Uganda, Honduras, Rwanda, Bolivia, Peru:  Health Clinics

Uganda, Caribbean, Rwanda:  Hospitals

Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco:  Family planning & Women's Health

Cameroon, Uganda, Bolivia:  Public Health - village outreach 

Tanzania, Uganda:  AIDS, palliative care

Caribbean, Morocco, Uganda, Indonesia:  Midwifery - ante & post natal; labor & delivery           

Indonesia, Uganda:    Teaching Midwifery and/or Nursing

Both seasoned professionals & students needed

Nursing qualifications needed:   LPN, RN, ARNP, PA & students

Types of Nurses needed: Med-Surg, ICU, ER, pediatrics, labor & delivery,

Family practice, school nurse + more!

Midwifery qualifications needed:   Midwife, Nurse-midwife


1. The Sacred Valley, ANDES

    Medical director welcomes nurses & nurse practitioners.

    Work in a local clinic that serves both town and surrounding remote villages.

    Your responsibilities will depend on your skills: e.g. Wellness checks, labor & delivery, ER, nutrition & more.

    Spanish & Quechua are both helpful. Tutoring in both languages available.


2. Gulu, AFRICA

    This region of Uganda was devastated by war as the "Lord's Resistance Army" kidnapped boys to fight as child

    soldiers and girls were raped and infected with AIDS.   

    Work in their pediatric clinic to help prevent the transmission of AIDS to kids;

    or do home visits to teach Mother and Child Wellness.

    Director has also asked for help with reproductive education & family planning

    to reduce the size of large families struggling to feed all the kids.


3. HOME VISITS with African doctor, WEST AFRICA

   This is an ideal arrangement: see the breadth of medical problems

   in both urban & rural practices and have lots of supervision and support.

   Doctor is organizing home visits to do outreach to the poor.


4. Slums of LIMA, PERU

    Provide medical care at clinics of dynamic community development organization.

    Spanish is essential.  6 month commitment required.



Many health problems in poor countries can be prevented thus the importance of health education.

1. INDIA, one of the safest, friendliest, cleanest, most intelligent places in India!

   Our partner, a Ghandian community & school, serves the surrounding community of poor villagers.

   Health educators are needed to help prevent disease: sanitation, clean water; nutrition; hygiene, mosquito nets.

   They need a school nurse to do physical exams/ check-ups on students.


2. SRI LANKA, a tropical paradise

    Similarly, health educators are needed: clean water; nutrition; sanitation, hygiene, family planning; mosquito nets.

3. Bolivia, the HIGH ANDES

   Bolivia is high and dry so difficult to eke out a living. Thus Bolivia has high infant mortality and poverty.

   Teach nutrition that fits within a campesino's budget; alcohol prevention & health education (see above).


    If you like kids & the beach, this is a great spot.

    Teach kids who have been abandoned & abused how to stay healthy:

    safe sex, AIDS prevention, personal hygiene.


    Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Most people can not afford a doctor.

    Teach people to know their bodies, symptoms and what to do.

    Teach how to prevent disease: sex education & AIDS, sanitation, clean water; nutrition; hygiene, mosquito nets.

These are volunteer positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.


Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website.  http://www.ngoabroad.com/ then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to info@NGOabroad.com

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