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News Update No. 22 : 11th April 2016

INMO Emergency Department Members - Monday, 11th April 2016

Dear Colleagues

I refer to my previous updates with regard to the ongoing implementation of the recent ED Agreement.

In relation to same I wish to bring the following to your attention:

1.    Workplace Relations Commission - Second Review

As previously advised the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is to undertake its second review, of the ED Agreement, on next Friday, 15th April 2016, at 10.30 a.m.

This review, which will involve the INMO/HSE/Department of Health, will consider the ongoing implementation and, specifically, attempt to deal with whatever problems are emerging at hospital/group/system wide level.

We have requested the attendance of the members of the ED Section’s National Representative Committee, at the review next Friday, and a full report will issue immediately thereafter.

2.    Ongoing Implementation - ED Agreement

In terms of specific measures, contained within the ED Agreement from the WRC, the following is the current position:

Advanced Clinical Role: 
As set out in the original ED Agreement, advanced practice has been the subject of direct discussions between the INMO/HSE and Department of Health.  There will be a further meeting, to finalise proposals, at 3.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 13th April 2016.  It is noted that much work has been done in respect of the clinical aspects of this role and that the IR piece, regarding the payment of an allowance, will again be discussed further at the National Implementation Group level.  

Job Descriptions and Staffing - CNM1 Posts: 
As set out in the ED Agreement, it was confirmed by the HSE that the CNM1 posts are currently at interview stage in most locations.  Some locations are slightly behind but progress is satisfactory.  

Assistant Director of Nursing Posts - Patient Flow - Each ED:
The ADON eligibility criteria is as per the national agreement, i.e. Level 8. However it is accepted that in the event that applications, or filling of these posts, proves difficult due to the qualification level, particularly for hospitals outside of the greater Dublin area, that the national group can consider if the eligibility criteria, at Level 8, had influenced applications.  

In the meantime the posts are to be filled, as advertised and competed for, at this level, in accordance with the agreed job description.  It was confirmed that the job descriptions and eligibility criteria have issued, as agreed, to the Hospital Groups, and the advertisements should be progressed, at Group Level., immediately if not already issued.

CNM2 - Admitted Patients:
It is now agreed that South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel, is included and therefore the appendix will confirm initial filling of 15 posts.  The full list of locations, for the filling of these CNM2 posts, is:
    -    Beaumont Hospital, Dublin;
    -    Adelaide, Meath and National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght;
    -    Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown;
    -    St. Vincent’s Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin;
    -    Cork University Hospital;
    -    University Hospital Limerick;
    -    Cavan General Hospital;
    -    Naas General Hospital;
    -    Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar;
    -    Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise;
    -    Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore;
    -    South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel.

Locations where arrangements are in place are:

    -    University Hospital, Galway;
    -    Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda; and
    -    Waterford University Hospital; and

The State Claims Agency /No Fault Compensation Scheme:  
The INMO has sought, in response to the issues raised in previous meetings, and prior to the review of the agreement at the WRC on 15th April 2016, that the HSE respond to the INMO in respect of this matter as soon as possible.  An early reply is expected.

Hygiene Audit:  
The HSE have proposed that that these hygiene audits be undertaken on a monthly basis.  Furthermore, the report of each audit is to be presented to the INMO Reps at Hospital meetings. The INMO has accepted this proposal. 

It was also agreed that a list of dates, for these audits, would be submitted to this national group and INMO Reps, in each of the 26 departments, will be notified of the dates.

Safety/Security Audit:  
The HSE has advised that eight audits have taken place to date.  However locations were not identified and it was confirmed that consultation had not taken place with INMO representatives at the sites in question. 

It is now agreed that a list of all locations to be audited will be issued to the INMO, that local representatives will be involved in these audits and, where they were not, the audits will be repeated.
The INMO also sought confirmation that assaults and injury, notifiable to the Health and Safety Authority, are assigned as a responsibility to the staff member with suitable authority to carry out this function.  A list of referrals must then be advised to the Safety/Security Review process, and, in addition, also notified to the INMO Safety Rep in each department.  The HSE agreed to progress this issue.

Taskforce on ED Staffing:  
The Department of Health and HSE have had discussions on this matter and a further meeting is to be held, internal to the Department of Health, today, Monday, 11th April 2016.  

The failure to progress this critical issue, with the priority required, will be raised at the WRC review next Friday, 15th April 2016.

3.    ED Taskforce

The next meeting of the Emergency Department Taskforce Implementation Group has been scheduled for next Monday, 18th April 2016, in the HSE Headquarters, Dr. Steevens Hospital, Dublin 8.

This meeting, which involves national HSE management, senior Department of Health officials, the INMO and the Irish Patients Association, will again review the ongoing implementation of the 78 recommendations from the Taskforce Report itself.

A further update will issue after this meeting.  This will advise all members of the implementation of the Taskforce recommendations which involve system wide changes not just changes within acute hospitals, or Emergency Departments, themselves.


Notwithstanding the various reviews and meetings pending we are acutely aware the level of overcrowding continues to be totally unacceptable and at unprecedented levels.  

Our priority, in all these various meetings, at national, group and local level, will be to focus upon the recruitment of additional staff, as provided for under the agreement, and, failing this, the closure of beds to match staffing levels with safe service activity.

In addition, in a number of departments, our members have balloted for industrial action, in various forms, in protest at specific failings, of management locally, with regard to implementing the national agreement and to address other matters of grave concern to members.  Members, in these individual local departments, will be advised, directly, of all the developments in relation to their possible industrial action.

This note is simply to advise you of various important meetings, upcoming, and to assure you that further updates will issue, in addition to all the updates coming from your hospital/group level meetings, in the coming days.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary 

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